Upstream Notebook

My job involves a wide variety of different skillsets from the technical disciplines such as geology, geophysics and reservoir engineering through to commercial and management disciplines such as economics, legal and projects. Keeping on top of all these different disciplines is difficult at the best of times, and thus I occasionally document certain aspects of work for future reference.

Saturation Height Function Model

Combining permeability and saturation endpoints to derive capillary pressure and thus water saturation variation based on height above free water level.

Relative Permeability Model

Generating physically consistent relative permeability curves for reservoir simulation based on a simple rock model and fluid EoS.

Modelling Saturation Endpoints

Using a basic rock model to derive permeability from porosity and pore geometry for different lithologies.

Rock Model for Reservoir Simulation

Defining a basic rock model from which physically consistent static and dynamic reservoir model parameters can be derived without reliance on extensive core ...

Visual Core Analysis

Using ImageJ image processing software to determine visual porosity in carbonate cores.