Upstream Without A Paddle

General musings on life working as an expat in the oil and gas industry with a focus on the upstream sector and AsiaPac region. Since work with no play isn’t living life to its fullest, my thoughts on other endeavours is also covered. I’ve now lived and worked in four countries which has given me a fairly broad view of the world and where the industry fits into it, and yet this is merely scratching the surface.

Upgrading the X370

My journey to upgrade a first generation Zen motherboard with the latest and greatest Ryzen 9 processor.

From Vision to Reality

A comparison between rendering within SketchUp prior to our house build and the final as-built results. The boundaries between the virtual world and reality ...

Becoming an Accidental Architect

Our family's plans to build a low-cost family home in Australia may have grown a little out of control as what I think are minor alterations to a standard pl...

Overclocking The Ryzen 7 Desktop

With the release of AMD's Ryzen lineup it was time to switch from Intel for multi-core goodness. My latest build has a bigger budget (although bang-for-buck ...

Getting Started With Raspberry Pi

Instructions for connecting the Raspberry Pi and booting up for the first time, and where to find replacement parts if lost?

No Need To Panic

A fundamentals based approach to understanding oil price shows that prices will rise again.

First Impressions of PNG

First visit to Papua New Guinea with Twinza to advance the Pasca A field development.

Why Projects Fail

An article recently published in SPE's Oil and Gas Facilities references several of IPA's research articles, including one for which I was a co-author.

Out Of The Frying Pan

The start of a new phase in my career as I move back into the oil industry after a brief spell in consulting.